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Steven Mondia, M.S.
Biostatistician II

Steven Mondia, M.S., joined Statistics Collaborative, Inc. (SCI) in 2014. He is a member of the American Statistical Association, the Bay Area SAS Users Group, and the Golden Key International Honour Society.

At SCI, Mr. Mondia has worked with trials evaluating treatments for type 2 diabetes, Alport disease, Niemann-Pick Type C1 disease, C. difficile infection, adolescent obesity, respiratory syncytial virus infection,  heart failure, epilepsy, glioblastoma, advanced breast cancer, and metastatic melanoma. In his role as a biostatistician on these studies he performs statistical analyses, generates analysis datasets, graphs, tables, and listings, and validates program code.

He received his B.S. in Biology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook (2006) and his M.S. in Biostatistics from California State University at East Bay (2013).