Lisa Weissfeld, PhD

Senior Investigator

Lisa Weissfeld, Ph.D., joined Statistics Collaborative, Inc. (StatCollab) in 2014 as a Senior Investigator. She is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association. Dr. Weissfeld has served on committees for The American Statistical Association and the Eastern North American Region of the Biometric Society. She has mentored Ph.D. students during her tenure at both the University of Michigan and University of Pittsburgh departments of biostatistics.  She has mentored junior faculty at the University of Pittsburgh and, nationally, through the Advanced Research Institute atornell University.

Dr. Weissfeld has published in both the biostatistical and biomedical literature. Her contributions include statistical methods to analyze censored biomarker data subject to an upper and/or lower limit of detection. She has developed methodologies to handle missing data, censored survival data, and neuroimaging data. Her methodological contributions include joint modeling of longitudinal and survival outcomes. Dr. Weissfeld, in collaboration with Dr. Kimberly Walters at StatCollab, has developed methodology for the analysis of in vitro permeation testing (IVPT) experiments and multiple imputation.

Throughout her career, Dr. Weissfeld has contributed to research in a variety of disease and discipline areas, including orphan diseases, autism, cardiovascular disease, nursing, health services research, community-acquired pneumonia, sepsis, aging, and neuroimaging. In collaboration with Dr. Julie Price, a physicist expert in positron emission tomography (PET), she supported the validation of Pittsburgh Compound B for imaging amyloid in the brain. In addition, Dr. Weissfeld developed a statistical technique to identify a cut point for amyloid positivity in a Pittsburgh Compound B scan. Dr. Weissfeld’s work in sepsis and community-acquired pneumonia led to the development of the Pneumonia Severity Index, a scale now commonly used in pneumonia research. She co-authored a meta-analysis of the prognosis and outcomes of patients with community-acquired pneumonia and was the senior statistician for a major trial assessing the use of early goal-directed therapy and standardized care for the treatment of septic shock.

Dr. Weissfeld has contributed to clinical development in neurodegenerative diseases, multiple orphan indications, infectious indications, psychiatric indications, and vaccines. She has developed statistical analysis plans, and contributed to the development of regulatory documents, accompanied clients to the FDA and EMA.

Dr. Weissfeld received her B.S. in Mathematics at Kent State University (1978) and her Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Pittsburgh (1982). Prior to joining StatCollab, she was a Professor in the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Pittsburgh (1990–2014), an Associate/Assistant professor at the University of Michigan (1985–1990), and an Assistant Research Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1982–1985).

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