Ningjun (Frannie) Shen, MS

Biostatistician II

Ningjun (Frannie) Shen, M.S. joined Statistics Collaborative, Inc. (StatCollab) in 2019.

At StatCollab, Ms. Shen has worked with clinical trials evaluating treatments in a range of disease areas, including Alzheimer’s disease, multiple myeloma, polycystic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, B-cell lymphoma, frontotemporal dementia, and abdominal aortic aneurysms. In her role as a biostatistician on these studies, she performs statistical analyses, generates graphs, tables, and listings, and validates program code for DMC and futility reports.

Prior to joining StatCollab, Ms. Shen worked as a Statistician at LLX Solutions, providing biostatistical analyses for biopharmaceutical companies. Before that, she was a teaching assistant for the course Accelerated Statistical Training at Boston University.

She received her B.S. in Life Science from Nanjing Agricultural University (2015) and her M.S. in Applied Biostatistics from the Boston University School of Public Health (2018). She studied in the “Life Science and Technique Base” at NAU – the national bachelor’s degree program for selected life science and technology talent. She completed her master’s practicum at bluebird bio where she prepared and audited CDISC-compliant datasets and investigated advanced statistical models to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of human resource processes and operations.

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