As part of our commitment to supporting ongoing dialogue between statistics and medicine, Statistics Collaborative is proud to contribute to the statistical community through awards, committees, mentoring opportunities, editorial boards, and publications.


SCI brings nearly thirty years of experience and deep expertise. We are proud to have that reflected through industry recognition. The following list shows some of the awards our staff has received. 

  • 2018: Society for Clinical Trials David Sackett Trial of the Year Award recipient, Lead statistician for the Voretigene Neparvovec trial, Spark Therapeutics, LLC – Fan-fan Yu
  • 2016: James B. D. Palmer Award for Excellence in Drug Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb – Aparna Anderson
  • 2015: W.J. Dixon Award for Excellence in Statistical Consulting, American Statistical Association – Janet Wittes
  • 2006: Janet L. Norwood Award, For Outstanding Achievement by a Woman in the Statistical Sciences – Janet Wittes
  • 2006: Inaugural Fellow, Society for Clinical Trials – Janet Wittes
  • 2002: Student paper award winner, International Biometric Society, Eastern North Atlantic Region (ENAR) – Fan-fan Yu
  • 1999: Fellow, American Statistical Association – Lisa Weissfeld
  • 1994: Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science – Janet Wittes
  • 1989 – 1990: Fulbright scholar, Germany – Aparna Anderson
  • 1989: Fellow, American Statistical Association – Janet Wittes

Service and committees

Our work within the drug development and clinical trial communities represents our staff’s commitment to becoming recognized experts in numerous fields. SCI is well-known by our high-quality work and industry contributions. See below for selected committee and panel participation.  

Janet Wittes

  • Member, FDA Cell and Gene Therapy Advisory Committee, 2015–2019
  • Member, Circulatory System Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee, FDA, 1999–2003

Aparna Anderson

  • Executive Committee At Large for the ASA Section on Statistical Consulting, 2020-2022

 Fan-fan Yu

  • NHLBI Special Emphasis Panel, Catalyzing Innovations in Late Phase Clinical Trial Design and Statistical Analysis Plans, 2018
  • Consensus Panel, International MPS Consensus Conference for Cognitive Endpoints, 2016

Teaching and mentoring

We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and helping to train the next generation of statisticians. See below for selected teaching and mentoring activities.  

  • Advanced Research Institute, Faculty participant, 2012–present (Lisa Weissfeld)
  • Washington Statistical Society mentorship program, 2018–present (Aparna Anderson)
  • Wittes J, Zink R, Anderson A, DeMets D, Ellenberg S. Podcast: Data Monitoring Committees. American Statistical Association Biopharm. Section 2018.

Editorial boards

In addition to publishing original research, our staff has served on editorial boards for the following peer reviewed publications.

Lisa Weissfeld

  • Communications in Statistics: Associate Editor, 1996–2001


Janet Wittes

  • Clinical Trials: Editorial Advisory Board, 2003–present
  • Controlled Clinical Trials: Associate Editor, 1994–1998; Editor-in-Chief, 1993–1998; Editorial Advisory Board, 1999–2003
  • Statistics in Medicine: Associate Editor, 1981–1991

Published articles, abstracts, and books

SCI is integrally involved in writing on statistical methodology and trials on which we have worked. Below, please find a collection of selected publications listed in reverse chronological order. To view a complete list of published articles, abstracts, and books, please contact us.

Buhr KA, Downs M, Rhorer J, Bechhofer R, Wittes J. Reports to independent data monitoring committees: An appeal for clarity, completeness, and comprehensibility. Therapeutic Innovation and Regulatory Science 2018; 52:459-468.

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